Wireless Hotspots

A WIRELESS HOTSPOT is a modem that allows authorised wireless devices to gain access to the internet. It works well for employees and guests who otherwise wouldn’t have access to the internet.

However, installing just one modem often isn’t enough to give you the range that is needed for everyone to be able to use it. In this situation, you would install a ‘booster’ or ‘repeater’ to spread the modem’s signal.

Protected by password access, means that you control who can access the modem and protects your personal and company files from being viewed.

Flexible Networking in Buildings & Offices

Cable networks are inflexible with a considerable amount of effort involved if changes are made to the rooms. Connecting guests, mobile users and mobile objects is also a problem. Wherever you look there is a need for greater flexibility in networking—as a basis for greater efficiency, productivity and cost savings.


Indoor wireless LAN solutions from LANCOM offer the greatest possible flexibility when networking buildings and offices.


Guests receive separate accounts but use the same WLAN infrastructure to access the Internet, and the whole time the company network remains off limits to them.


Employees can position their desks independently of telephone sockets, accessing the company network via wireless and VPN.

Field staff on their day in the office can sit down at the most convenient workplace and are automatically connected to the network via wireless.

Temporary rooms are fully networked without having to lay any expensive cable.

Hospitals & Clinics

Clinics introduce the electronic patient’s file, take orders for food via tablet PCs and communicate with doctors economically and anywhere in the building with Voice over WLAN.

Retail outlets

Shops integrate their stocktaking directly into the central database via wireless barcode scanners.