Voice Mail

Voice mail systems have revolutionised the way most companies do business. Rather than sketchy “While you were out” notes which were often misplaced, callers receive a personalized greeting and can leave detailed messages. Voice mail messages are also far more convenient and flexible, they can be read, stored or forwarded with a tag message, replayed, saved or deleted – and you can access them not only from the office but from where ever you may be by dialing in!

The LG-Ericsson integrated voice mail module delivers sophisticated messaging options in addition to advanced applications such as Auto Attendant, Voice Prompts for Queue Groups, Night Messaging and Music on Hold.

The following voice mail features will give your company a competitive advantage, increasing employee productivity and improving customer satisfaction:

  • Voice mail is available for every extension or department number
  • Options to divert incoming calls to voicemail include:
    • on ‘No Answer’
    • on ‘Busy’
    • on both ‘No Answer’ and ‘Busy’
    • immediately (without ringing)
  • Easily Save / Replay / Rewind / Add / Delete messages
  • Rewind and repeat option to listen to the last 10 seconds of a message
  • Staff can access their mailbox from any phone in the office or by dialing in from anywhere in the world
  • From one call you can review, reply, send, or forward as many messages as needed
  • Forward a copy to another person’s mailbox with or with out an introductory message
  • One-touch Call-back facility is available when the calling party’s CLI has been presented
  • Call screening
  • If an extension is busy the caller can dial 0 or 9 (depending on system programming) to be diverted
  • to the operator
  • Interactive soft keys for easy functionality (7016 or 7024 handsets only)

Not Just Voice Mail

Auto Attendant

LG-Ericsson’s voice mail module does much more than just take messages. Its Auto-attendant feature can either answer all incoming calls, or the overflow calls during busy times. It will play an announcement to the caller offering them the convenience of multiple options such as direct access to the person or department they want to speak with. For example “press 1 for sales”, “2 for service”, and provide pre- recorded messages to callers waiting in a queue.

Voice Prompts for Queue Groups

LG-Ericsson’s voice mail module can provide a professional image for your organization with customized voice prompts for callers in queue, such as Caller Centre overflow, which provides callers with a departmental message depending on their queue group or Operator overflow i.e. “Thank you for calling ABC Group your call is important to us, the operator will attend to your call shortly”. Alternatively, give the caller another option rather than staying in the queue, such as leave a message or be transferred to another department.

Night Messaging

Advanced night messaging feature offers the customer enhanced calling experience. You can provide the customer with multiple options rather than one message saying, “we are closed and our office hours are….” i.e. “To leave a message dial 1, or if its an emergency dial 2…”

Music on Hold

The voice mail module can provide additional music on hold. Music on hold is extremely beneficial for businesses needing their callers to feel connected and to be happy holding. Vary the message depending on your customer’s needs or call group for example customers waiting in a group for the sales department can be informed about the latest sales promotion.


LG-Ericsson’s Voice Mail Module can provide up to 30 hours of storage (dependant on provisioning). The system employs Flash-ROM memory for improved reliability rather than utilizing hard-disk storage and as it is system-integral, does not require additional devices in the system such as line-interface ports to connect.