Telstra Mobile Data Packs

Telstra Mobile Data Packs

Telstra Mobile Broadband (TMB) Data Packs are great for customers who want additional data added to their monthly data quota. They are great for customers who just need an extra boost for the month, or for the heavy user that would like more data added to their eligible 25GB plan.

TMB Data Packs provide customers a set amount of data allowance each month for a monthly fee. If the customer exceeds their monthly allowance, they will be charged the additional usage at the rate as per their TMB Freedom Plan or Telstra Tablet Plan.

You can only have one Mobile Broadband Data Pack against a service at any given time

Top up your data

Need more data for the month? Top up your data allowance with one of Telstra’s Mobile Broadband Data Packs

Notification when close to your limit

Control your costs and avoid paying extra. Receive SMS alerts when you reach 80% and 100% of your data allowance. The alerts will also include a link to My Plan Manager so you can change/upgrade your data pack