Telstra Business Broadband (TBB)

Telstra Business Broadband TBB ADSL offers customer’s businesses a dedicated, business grade broadband service that takes full advantage of Telstra’s ADSL and ADSL2+ coverage

With high network reliability and our Australian-based dedicated business support service available 24/7, customers can count on hassle-free access to their vital online resources, data and applications.  Business Broadband offers a reliable and scalable broadband solution that provides access to business critical data & applications at high speed.

Plus customers can choose from a range of optional tools to help them look, act and perform like the business they want to be.

Customers can choose from Bundled plans which reward our valued business customers with multi product holdings, or select from our range of standalone plans.

TBB ADSL Standalone and Bundled Plans are available on 24 month contract terms and are provisioned via Legacy systems only.

Features, Advantages and Benefits “Business Class” Broadband Solution providing:

  • Productivity – download critical data files faster on Australia’s largest high speed fixed broadband network
  • Protection – Network hosted security helps stop spam and viruses early and data backup solutions help future proof your business
  • Peace of mind – 24/7 business-grade support, from specialist staff based in Australia.
  • Flexible download plans – grows with the needs of the business and no administration fee for changing speeds/ plans
  • SMTP Relay (mail sending) – supports 25 emails/10 minutes
  • Dependable Service – provided on high performance fully redundant internet network
  • Single bill will streamline all accounts on the one bill.
  • Broad range of plans available catering for low-high volume users
  • Excess Usage Cap on new plans – never pay more than $300 per month for excess data usage
  • High Speeds allow customers to receive the best speed possible on their connection.