TBB Ethernet

Ethernet is a term used to describe a company’s Local Area Network (LAN) and utilises the internet to link offices and sites without the need for wiring.

Telstra’s TBB Ethernet is a Business Broadband Package providing businesses with flexible service plans allowing them to upgrade or downgrade speed and usage options at any time without penalty, and is available in metropolitan and regional zones on 24 month contract.

Typical service speeds range from 1Mbps/1Mbps to 10Mbps/10Mbps over copper based EFM (dependant on service qualification).

 Features and benefits

  • Uses a new and improved line encoding between the customer’s premises and the DSLAM (BAU) based at the local exchange.
  • Provides more efficient use of bandwidth, enabling applications with small packet sizes.
  • Greater access speed options
  • More allowance options.
  • Introduces a usage allowance cap, which provides more price certainty and reduces bill shock for customers.
  • The excess usage cap limits the amount that a customer pays for excess data usage in a month. Once the customer reaches the value of the excess cap, the customer does not incur any additional charges for excess data usage in that month.