My Bill Manager

Outside of wages, the combined communication cost across mobile, landline and data represents the largest company expensive. Making sure these costs are monitored and kept in check is better for your bottom line. SG T’s expense manage solution- My Bill Manager – puts the power back in your hands.

SG T uses Tariff expert’s software to analyses your accounts. Our core products are a Cost Comparison tool and Expense Management system. The cost comparison tool analyses for communications cost against the latest Telstra offers. Once savings have been identified through these analyses our expense management team works with you to use these saving by applying new technologies to the business based on positive ROI.

My Bill Manager – EMS (Expense Management System) is customized monitoring tool built to your businesses tariff structure. EMS analyses your account each month providing a detailed report against your account, making sure for account is 100% correct.

Independent Reporting, Tariff Expert software is 100% independent and impartial, providing objective reporting.

Have your account analysed today simply uploaded your account here and one of our trained team will get back to you with a details report.

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