Successful Video Conferencing

In today’s business world, staying in contact with other business people can be as simple as a video call. Where distance and time constraints make it impossible to meet face to face, video calls are a solution.

However, preparation is the key to successful video conferencing and we suggest the following tips:

  • Login to the conference call early. Don’t be late.
  • Check the image framing – that you can be seen
  • This is a business meeting so dress appropriately and check your posture
  • Have a glass or bottle of water handy because talking dries out your mouth.
  • Have a list of who is supposed to be on the call.
  • Find a quiet place for the call – close doors, turn off radio, etc.
  • Imagine you are communicating with just one person, someone you genuinely like or admire. That helps you literally “look through” that big cold lens and creates warmth in your tone and facial expression.
  • Do not wear anything that contains small, close together stripes or patterns. They have a tendency to “moiré” or shimmy on video.
  • If you are wearing a jacket, before sitting, pull the tails down and tuck them under you. That will prevent the jacket from riding up and giving you “hulk-like” shoulders.
  • Women should avoid jewelry that makes noise or could come in contact with the mike like long beads.
  • Write out what you want to say, but keep your sentences as short as possible. They will be easier to say and to remember.
  • If you are being interviewed remotely, look straight at the camera. It will look as if you are looking right into the interviewer’s eyes.
  • Speak in your normal tone of voice. Today’s microphones are very powerful. No need to raise your voice unnaturally.
  • Show your energy and enthusiasm. Remember you usually have to sit still so your voice and body language are all you have to express yourself. And don’t forget to smile.
  • Avoid excessive motion. This is no time to rock or swivel in your chair. But, don’t sit at rigid attention either. Relax and act naturally.
  • When communicating with others long distance remember to first investigate your audience and use peoples’ names whenever possible.
  • One final bit of advice: volunteer to do video conferencing often. The more you do it, the more comfortable you will become with projecting your knowledge and personality through any camera lens.