Standard PSTN lines

The PSTN (or Public Switched Telephone Network) lines are the original analogue lines world wide, allowing telephone networks globally to connect internationally, nationally, by region or local.

The PSTN line is digital at it’s core, but hosts fibre-optics, microwave transmissions, cellular networks, communications satellites and undersea cables, all connected on a global network.

For business applications, ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) lines are sometimes used to replace PSTN lines in metropolitan areas, and more recently the NBN (National Broadband Network) lines are looking to replace them both nationally.

TELSTRA fees for new lines at a glance (correct at time of publication)

Connection Type Description Product Code Charge incl. GST
PSTN In Place Connection Line to be connected is already inplace on site. IPS $59.00
Included download As above but a Telstra Technician will need to visit the site.Where reconnection of existing cabling at the Customer’s premises is required. IPSAW $125.00
PSTN In Place Connection РTechnician Visit As above for extra lines at the site.Additional Connections completed at the same time. IPSAWA $75.50
PSTN In Place Connection -Technician Visit – Additional lines Inplace Cabling Work / New Connection.Where cabling work is required at the Customer’s premises

(i.e. anywhere between the PEP & the MDF/SKT).

NSNBP $299.00
Inplace Cabling Work¬†-New Connection –


As above for extra lines at the site.Additional connections completed at the same time. NC $179.00