NextG WiFi Devices

What’s the difference between the devices?

From Telstra, customers currently have the choice of the following devices which can be connected to TMB Business plans:

Selecting the right Mobile Broadband Device:

Mobile Tablets

Touch screen devices for mobile browsing, email, calendar functions & other apps.

A Slim, lightweight device used as a replacement for a laptop with large screen (up to 10 inches) for longer bursts of email, mobile web browsing, document management, access to business apps/ software.

To view the range of Tablets & iPads Call 1300 366 211


Beneficial for customers who require Internet access on their laptop or PC whilst on the move & do not want to share their connection between multiple devices which may slow their speeds.

Convenience of having device always plugged in, not having to worry about charging up the device.


A portable device for sharing one mobile broadband service across up to 5 Wi-Fi capable devices. Great for businesses that need to connect multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously (e.g. laptop, tablet, printer, etc). Typical speed range per user may be reduced when multiple users access the device.

With a Telstra Mobile Wi-Fi 4G share a 4G connection (where 4G is available) with up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices such as a tablet, laptop, PC or Smartphone.

Wireless Gateway

Enables sharing of a mobile internet connection with multiple computers or other Wi-Fi enabled devices using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Offers a reliable, wireless network for simple & affordable networking.

With a Telstra Ultimate® Mobile Broadband Gateway share your data and connecdtion accross up to 16 Wi-Fi enabled devices and 4 wired devices.

Outdoor Gateway

For customers who don’t have access to ADSL or on the fringe of our Next G network, the Telstra Outdoor Gateway creates a powerful indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi network that connects up to 16 devices simultaneously such as your notebooks, tablets and smart phones and up to 3 wired devices through an Ethernet connection.

A Telstra Outdoor Gateway connects up to 16 Wi-Fi devices and provides indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access (up to 100m)

Yagi Antenna

For remote customers, an outside antenna can assist NextG® devices to connect to the NextG® network in the circumstances where standard internal or external antennas do not provide the NextG® device with enough signal strength to reach adequate performance levels.

Telstra provides professional installation on site, or a self installation option for eligible customers.