Enterprise Business Solutions

Pure IP Communications for Large Businesses

The iPECS-CM is an enterprise grade communications solution for medium and large businesses. It provides IP telephony, multimedia, applications, and mobility services over IP environments. Its innovative design enables organisations to deliver the most reliable, flexible and secured communications solution.

This solution suits organisations with several hundred users and can be scaled up to 30,000 users. Its innovative platform provides local and geographic redundancy options and a host of business applications. Integration with the iPECS-LIK 50-1200 systems allows the iPECS-CM to scale down for smaller branch offices and the entire communications network can be easily managed from its central web admin. Empowering business communication for Medium and Large businesses iPECS-CM is the next generation IP-PBX that provides, in addition to IP telephony, various flexible high quality multimedia services, and mobility designed for medium and large sized businesses. iPECS-CM call servers are available in four configurations. CM-S2K employs an embedded server to support up to 2000 ports. CM-S4K, CM-S10K and CM-S30K, employ commercial servers to support up to 4,000/10,000/30,000 ports, respectively. The 19″ rack 1U server and modular Media gateway design permit the iPECS-CM to service the medium to large enterprise delivering the latest in communications technology in a reliable platform.

largeiPECS-CM media gateways provide simple interface to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, access to various standards based telephony networks and applications such as UC, Phontage, SNMP, Web Management, IVR conference call, and wireless functions such as Wi-Fi, FMC (Fixed Mobile Communication), etc. iPECS-CM supports an array of terminals from advanced Ericsson-LG Enterprise proprietary VoIP phones and SIP terminals to basic analogue single line devices as well as, legacy digital terminals, and, video phones.

Simple network architecture

  • Flexible and simple network design due to pure IP based modular architecture
  • Standard-based network and SIP make easy applying of various service and solutions

Investments protecting and cost saving

  • Various phone support from high-end to existing analogue phone: Video phone, IP/SIP phone, WiFi Phone, Softphone , Attendant Console, Digital phone, Analogue phone
  • Communication cost reduction via internal VoIP call and operational cost by easy central management

Maximising reliability and scalability

  • Support maximum 30,000 users and 400,000 busy-hour call completion
  • Unlimited scalability by multiple servers networking
  • Local Survivability with a variety sets of local call server
  • Multiple redundancy of Call Server/LAN/Control/power unit
  • Specialised large enterprise features; Directory Number, Digit Conversion, Mobile Extension, various Intelligent Routing options

Enriching customers experience

  • Use mixed trunks; Digital Trunk(BRI/PRI), Analog Trunk as well as SIP trunk
  • Easy management via web-based remote/central management
  • A select of various gateways and servers for proper sizing
  • Support all the Ericsson-LG’s applications we well as interfacing 3rd party solution


  • Full & flexible scalability
  • Strong Survivability from Geographical Redundancy
  • Maximized Security on IP Communications
  • Beyond investment protection
  • Enterprise FMC for seamless communication
  • Value-added Features for Customisation
  • Easy Local / Remote Management
  • Open Interface with Various Applications


Download iPECS CM Brochure (4.0MB)