Life Size

The ultimate Video Conferencing Experience.

 Connecting people everywhere, on any device.

LifeSize is a pioneer and world leader in high-definition video collaboration. Designed to make video conferencing truly universal, LifeSize’s full range of open standards-based endpoints and virtualized video infrastructure solutions offer enterprise-class, IT-friendly technologies that enable genuine human interaction irrespective of distance. With its commitment to relentless innovation, LifeSize continues to extend the highest-quality video collaboration experience to anyone, anywhere.

 Delivering the Ultimate Communication Experience

In today’s global business environment, the need to reach out and build strong relationships with partners, suppliers, development teams, investors and customers is imperative. High-definition video conferencing solutions from LifeSize enable you to effectively build connected relationships with all those people whose performance is critical to your success from wherever you are. No longer do you have to live on airplanes to maintain relationships. And no longer do you need to compromise between low-cost and high-quality video conferencing. LifeSize enables frequent, high-quality interactions as if you were there.

Smart Video™

Smart Video, a term coined by LifeSize, describes an intuitive user experience coupled with feature-rich video applications, powered by an integrated, connected infrastructure and endpoint relationship. Just in the way that smartphones revolutionized the way that people experienced telephony, LifeSize Smart Video provides the same transformation for the video conferencing industry, bringing unmatched simplicity to the user experience, without sacrificing features, functionality or quality.