International Roaming

International Roaming is a service where eligible Post-Paid and Prepaid customers can make and receive voice calls and SMS, send and receive data and make use of other services when traveling outside of Australia.

However, International Roaming is only available if you are in one of 50 or so countries with a roaming agreement.

Call SG Technologies to activate International Roaming on your service if you are going overseas. Then once you are connected to the local network, you will be able to make outgoing and receive incoming calls on your mobile at the overseas destination provided that you are in a country which Telstra have a roaming agreement with.

International Data Packs

Where you are a frequent overseas traveler or a casual traveler, Telstra customers pay a one-off charge for an international roaming allowance.

The International Frequent Traveller Data Plans are more suited for frequent overseas travellers. With plans, customers pay a monthly recurring fee to receive a monthly international roaming data allowance.

The Internatinal Casual Traveller Data Packs are ideal for less frequent overseas travellers. Customers pay a one-off charge for an international roaming allowance for 30 days.