IAAS Infrastructure as a Service

Telstra’s Cloud Infrastructure provides compute, storage and security on a pay-as-you-go or subscription basis, securely hosted in our Australian data centres with 24/7 support. Instead of continually investing in and maintaining hardware on-premise, customers can run their own applications on virtual or dedicated servers.

Virtual Servers provide computing resources where your customer shares the underlying server hardware platform with other Telstra customers. Telstra offers a range of options with several CPU and RAM configurations.

Dedicated Servers provide physical server blades dedicated to customers use for extra control. Customers can choose a self-managed virtual server package or a Telstra managed virtual server or physical server configuration.

Dedicated Disaster Recovery is a real-time, high-availability protection solution which allows customers to get back online in the event of a security threat or natural disaster by offering a recovery site offsite and hosted in a protected and secure Telstra Data Centre. Available to Dedicated Server customers between our Telstra managed data centres in Sydney (Pitt St) and Melbourne (Exhibition St) for customers with EMC storage as phase 1. Disaster Recovery occurs at a Telstra Data Centre and failover occurs at a secondary Telstra data.

Whether you choose Virtual or Dedicated Servers, you can be confident of the highest levels of support, Telstra’s technology is actively managed to provide maximum availability and reliability, 24/7.