Telstra’s Utility Hosting service provides customers with virtual servers and associated computing resources that can be adapted as business needs change. It enables customers to rapidly and easily scale their resources to meet demand fluctuations with minimal cost and minimal delay.

The virtual servers employ the latest virtualisation technologies on Telstra’s world class network to deliver computing resources. This is a highly secure multi-tenanted platform that enables customers to rapidly scale their computing resources to meet business needs as they arise.

This product is ideally suited if you require:

  • A small to medium size hosting environment
  •  The rapid deployment of infrastructure
  •  An ability to rapidly make changes to your infrastructure
  • A temporary platform in response to a temporary need
  • A reduction in upfront infrastructure investment costs (for both short term or longer term uses)

If you already have a Telstra Private IP Network have the ability to utilise this platform via a 30mb port with no fee into the utility hosting environment. This is ideal for off site back, DR and BCP, a test/development environment or hosting business critical applications