LG-Ericsson systems PC based attendant console.

Designed specifically to integrate with LG-Ericsson iPECS and Aria-ipe systems, Ez-Attendant comes equipped with an impressive array of call handling features. Attendants are alerted to incoming calls and can access a comprehensive database for information about the requested extension. A call log keeps a record of each user’s incoming and outgoing calls in addition to the time, date and length of each call along with caller ID information. Notes can be attached to each call log entry, which can help attendants to provide a more informed level of service.Ez-Attendant-1

Ez-Attendant provides easy access to the basic call handling functions. Transferring calls is as simple as pointing and clicking a mouse, or if you select Ez-Attendant with LG’s touch-screen technology, as simple as touching the LCD screen. Other basic functions include answer, hold, conference, dial, page and park. Attendants can type a message and send it via email or as a text message to someone who is on the phone. They can record a conversation, save it as a .wav file and forward it as an email attachment.

Multi-tasking has never been easier! The attendant can monitor all extensions, local and across a network, and can tell at a glance if the required station is idle, busy, in Do not disturb mode – or even on vacation! As well as being able to manage system and programming changes such as speed-call numbers, the attendant can assign keyboard functions to suit his/her requirements and thus tailor Ez-Attendant to the operation.


Faster call processing speed, touch-screen option and a windows interface assist in making Ez-Attendant easy to learn and intuitive to use. Added functionality such as in-built directory with dial by name, station status and call-queue windows improve call-handling efficiency and reduce wait time.


  • Fully integrated (System integral)
  • Create Customer details database for Access and Excel
  • Import Customer details database for Access,  Excel, Outlook, Goldmine and ACT
  • Call Logging
  • SMS Text messaging to internal Keysets (Phontage)
  • Screen pop fir incoming external calls
  • Phone Book
  • Station COS/Name change
  • Hot key or mouse control of telephony functions