Telstra DOT

Digital Office Technology™ enables business customers to bundle eligible Telstra ADSL2+ broadband, IP telephony and mobile services on one account on a single bill. It also provides access to a range of useful software applications.

With DOT, customers get up to 10 separate lines for their fixed line phones, fax and EFTPOS.

Customers can use a maximum of 3 lines at the same time (including phone, fax or EFTPOS lines) regardless of whether they are making or receiving calls.

  • unlimited standard Local calls
  • some included calls, depending on which Core Plan you choose
  • free Intra-Account Calls
  • included data allowance
  • shareable data allowance
  • free MessageBank® diversion and retrieval within Australia
  • free remote working software
  • Auto-attendant
  • access to CommPilot, an online call management tool
  • entitlement to a new domain name
Monthly charge $80 $100 $150
Line rental Nil Nil Nil
Included download 50gb 250gb 500gb
FREE calls Local only Local & STD Local, STD & Mobiles (within Australia)

How does it Work? 1. Choose from 4 DOT (Digital Office Technology)™ Core Plans depending on your usage.

  • $80
  •  $100
  • $150 or
  • $230

2. Once you have your Core plan, you can add a range of DOT User Plans onto the other lines or mobile phones or Telstra Mobile Data as required.

  • Office Plans
  • Mobile Plans&
  • Mobile Broadband Plans

 3. You can also add Extras.

  • Broadband Backup
  • Fax/EFTPOS
  • Alarm

 4. A range of value added services can be added, for example Virtual Receptionist, Hunt Group, Ad on Hold, T-Suite Service.

Core plans at a glance:

 Hardware purchase

DOT customers have the option to purchase compatible equipment:

  • Outright; or
  • Via a Hardware Purchase Plan over 24 months.

The Device Schedule contains details on pricing for HPP and outright purchase, as well as bonus payments.

The Hardware Purchase Plan (HPP) is a hardware repayment option that covers IP phones, mobile devices, mobile broadband devices and other DOT accredited hardware. The cost of the device is broken down into 24 monthly repayments that will appear on the bill. HPP is not available with casual plans.

DOT (Digital Office Technology)™ is packed with features to increase the customer’s business productivity. Mentoring will ensure they get the most out of it.

Installing new Ethernet cabling

Customers can purchase an Ethernet cabling service at a fixed price, to be completed by a Telstra CT on the day of the DOT installation. Customers will nominate the number of cabling points required, which will determine the price of the service.

  • Installation and cabling done by one technician at one appointment
  • Cost certainty with fixed price, versus fee for service
  • Prepare all your Ethernet cabling for NBN – Telstra takes care of all the cabling and installation
  • Ability to scope customer requirements, cost and submit order at point of sale