Telstra DOT

What’s Digital Office Technology or DOT?

DOT is transforming small business. It combines fixed phone lines, mobile and business broadband into one package with one bill.

And DOT offers smart extras other packages don’t have.

Free on-account calling: On your DOT account (fixed lines and mobile) you get free calls across australia to help your bottom-line.Unlimited calling plans

To help control your expenses.Selected plans come with unlimited standard calls within Australia,

 Professional installation and 24×7 and support:  With DOT, a technician will come to you and install on site. Plus enjoy peace of mind with 24×7 business grade technical support.

 Sequential and simultaneous ring: Your fixed phone lines and mobiles can be set to ring in sequence, or all at the same time, so you can answer customer calls the first time.

 National Broadband Network (NBN) ready: When NBN arrives at your premises we’ll transition you over without you having to upgrade your equipment. DOT phones and routers are NBN ready!