Make My Business Mobile

Wireless Solutions

The key to any successful business in today’s highly competitive environment is customer service. People expect to be served first time, every time. LG Aria GAP compliant DECT ensures your staff do not miss any important calls or business. LG Aria DECT offers you total freedom of movement without being out of reach of your customers.

You can carry your extension in your pocket whilst still retaining feature functionality of your LG Aria digital telephone system.

 Improve your organisation’s efficiency

Mobility helps increase the efficiency and productivity of your organisation. Staff remain contactable at all times, ensuring important decisions are made without delay and staff are able to manage their day more effectively. Your business will also save money on the number of return calls that your staff will have to make. Customers will be in contact with your staff whenever they need them.

 You are covered wherever you go

Total coverage of your premises can be achieved by strategic placement of base stations. Your staff can roam around your premises effortlessly, without calls being dropped.

Network your office sites and staff can use their DECT handset at any of these premises. Calls made direct to their DECT phone number are automatically routed to them no matter which office they are working in. Thus, creating your own private mobile network.

Compact, Stylish and Portable

Light, compact, stylish and portable – Aria DECT handsets are perfect for staff who are constantly on the move. Improved response times and greater flexibility enhance your professional image with your customers. Aria DECT is a vital part of your organisation’s communications.

Keeping your company on the move

Just look at the myriad of benefits LG Nortel IP DECT can introduce to your organisation.

  •  Eliminates ‘Telephone Tag’
  • Important staff are located ‘First Time’
  • Reduces call charges (Mobile and Fixed)
  • Improves response time for clients
  • Quicker decision making process
  • Staff are free to walk around
  • Coverage over large areas and multi-level buildings
  • Ideal for hospitals, department stores, warehouses, car yards etc
  • Networking – use on multiple sites
  • Linked station pairs
  • Digital voice quality
  • Easy to use – menu driven, dial-by-name
  • Hot keys for one touch speed dialling
  • Full function of your desktop extension
  • Backlit keypad
  • Handsfree headset
  • Auto answer function
  • Vibrating ring alert