Get tips on buying a phone system

SGT has been supplying business telephony system since 1991. We have complied the following tips to assist our customer in making a informed decision avoiding some of the hidden pit falls. Make sure you’re protected by asking the right questions, and getting everything in writing, for your next phone system solution.

 1. Use trusted brands

We recommend using trusted market place brands. The reason for this is you are assured of further service and equipment availability. Buying an obscure brand will limit you for service as well as tying you to one supplier.

 2. System Features & Functionality

Make sure the system you are looking at have all the features and functions that will improve the way you do business. Be careful and always get an apples for apples comparison between systems and handset. Some systems features like voice mail, CTI, and VoIP are standard while on others they are extra $$ options.

These are some of the basic points. Our friendly staff have an excellent knowledge of all system and are ready to assist

 3. What payment option is best for me?

Rent, lease, buy or bundle

 Renting – Pros / Cons

 Pro’s – good for cash flow, get what you need now without having to wait. 100% Tax deductable upgrade at the end of the term to the latest equipment.

Con’s – You never own the equipment

 Leasing – Pros / Cons

 Pro’s – Like renting good for cash flow, get what you need now without having to wait. 100% Tax deductable, owner ship od equipment at term.

Con’s – Ballon payment


Pro’s – Not a lot of pros here, due to the speed at which technology moves we recommend either renting or bundling new business equipment

Con’s – Cash Flow and poor resale business dollars could be better spent

 Bundle but be careful

Very popular method of obtaining office equipment. Bundling is here you place the telephone system on your existing telephone account. There are some good and some very bad. Basic rule of thumb is beware when the system is offered for FREE. We all know that nobody get something for nothing.

The right Bundle is a fantastic way to purchase your system but make sure the provider can answer the following questions and you should be OK

  •  What are the call rates they are offering to you?
  • Are these rates connected to any rebate scheme
  • Is there a rebate to off set the lease or rental cost?
  • Do you own the phone system at the end of the term?

4. Office culture which one are you?

There are 2 different office cultures when using a telephone system

 1. KTS (key telephone system) – most popular in the small to medium space. The handsets tend to have more feature keys displaying the number of line and staff members, wheater or no a handset is busy, using one button to carry out a function.

 2. PABX – with bigger businesses a PABX is required and the handsets go to more of a menu driven devise.

 If your business goes from one culture to the other with planning and proper training major disruption is assured!!

5. Whole of business partner

To make life easier deal with a company that can provide you whole of business solution. SGT have specialist across voice, mobile and data communication. We organize every thing for you.